Leather crafting is one of the pillars of Moroccan handicraft and is a real legacy that requires considerable effort to keep it. It is in this perspective that the Academy provided a training in leather art, with the aim of training young executives-craftsmen with the necessary skills to preserve the originality of Moroccan products recognized in the leather craft sector, and also allow them to discover the traditional Moroccan tannery sector.


List of modules and components of modules Theory craft –Leather craft-

Module and semester Module component Hour Volume
Theory craft 1 : S1 Craft and training 6 60
Raw material leather 15
Fundamentals of leather craft 39
Theory craft 2 : S2 Tools and equipment in leather craft 1 20 60
Characterization techniques 40
Theory craft 3 : S3 Tanning processes 60 60
Theory craft 4 : S4 Tools and equipment in leather craft 2 4,5 60
Process and techniques for manufacturing leather goods 35,5
Leather care 20
Theory craft 5 : S5 Preparation and elaboration of the technical file 18,5 60
Control and quality procedures 18,5
Calculation of costs in a production unit 23