Due to its outstanding contribution to the traditional architectural arts at the local, national and international levels, the art of stonemasonry is present among the courses offered at the Academy of Traditional Arts. This high-level academic training aims to train craftsmen-executives who will have the noble mission of preserving this trade rooted in our artisanal heritage.

List of modules and components of modules Theory craft -Stonemasonry-

Module et semester Module components Volume hour
Theory craft  1 : S1 Fundamentals of geology 30 60
Construction materials 30
Theory craft 2 : S2 Wall interface / decor 30 60
Materials characterization methods 30
Theory craft 3 : S3 Stones: microscopic features, deformation and introduction to structural geology 30 60
Architectural layout techniques 15
Reading architectural plans 15
Theory craft 4 : S4 Ornamental and fossiliferous cut stones 30 60
Ornamental and fossiliferous cut stones 30
Theory craft 5 : S5 Second building works 30 60
Interior architecture 30